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                P.T.T.I. Training





 Using the

                           Dr. Minnie Claiborne Method                                    

 You Will:


 Dr. Minnie’s Dynamic “7 SECRETS Model”


 Your Life & Help Others to do the Same with

 Dr. Minnie’s Signature CARRY Technique


Excellent Income. Life Coaches earn $75, $300, $1000 per Hour



Most students can complete our training and earn their certificate in as little as 6 weeks because of the following PTTI  distinctive features:

    1.  We recognize and work with the expertise, experience and strengths that you already have. 

              2. We take an ASSESSMENT of your current skills and interests and provide a method whereby you can use your specialties within our framework. If you haven’t  identified your specialty, don’t worry, we will help  you.                       

              3. Most of our students are counseling, coaching or giving advice already informally, but they are not managing their  time, they are getting drained, but not getting paid.  We help you to go from exhausted volunteer to

PAID PROFESSIONAL, while continuing your 'calling' to help people.




  1. attend an in-person INTENSIVE, facilitated by Dr. Minnie and her staff,
  2.  purchase the training manual,
  3. review the training modules,
  4.  complete your finals project, receive your certificate
  5.  start your business.


*The main benefit of the in-person intensive is to be able to interact with Dr. Minnie and other staff and students and ask specific questions, and to EXPERIENCE the incredible personal, miraculous, transformation that takes place as Dr. Minnie demonstrates  the important component of ‘self-care’ and guides you through the CARRY technique during the finale…one students said the experience was “indescribable!, you have to experience it”

*You can also have this experience and MORE at one of our on-site RETREATS. We will keep you informed via the PTTI Newsletter-“The PTTI INFORMER.”


1. Purchase and study the manual

2. Complete the audio and video training modules,

    3. Complete your “finals project”

          4. Receive your certificate…..

          5. Start your business.

* One of the main benefits of the on-line program  is that you have the convenience of completing the course without leaving your home or office.  You will receive the same high quality raining and  certification, and at a slightly lower price. Online education and training have become a convenient and respected way to earn a degree or certification.

*   You can also have this experience and MORE at one of our on-site RETREATS. We will keep you informed via the PTTI Newsletter-“The PTTI INFORMER.”.

                                                                                  Current Certifications

Here are some of the areas in which PTTI offers certificates:

Personal Development Coaching

Personal and Spiritual Development Coaching

Relationship Coaching

Motivational Coaching

Self-Esteem Coaching

Business Coaching

Pre-Martial Coaching

Mental Health Coaching

Career Coaching

Health and Fitness Coaching

Health and Nutrition Coaching


*When you register, you will be assigned to an INSTRUCTOR who will support you through your training.

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What Does A Life Coach Do?

A Life Coach provides consultation, motivation and support to help individuals accomplish certain life goals. In a professional context, A life coach provides, expertise, accountability and partnership to individuals who want to improve and empower their lives.

PTTI LIFE COACHES who use Dr. Minnie Claiborne’s Method

 help individuals to obtain their personal, interpersonal and career goals through offering Hope, Motivation, Partnership and Tools that enhance success.

  1. Help clients to identify their strengths, motivations, values, and beliefs
  2. Offer Tools that help individuals to overcome INTERNAL and EXTERNAL OBSTACLES to their SUCCESS.
  3. Assure them that you will PARTNER with them to help them  achieve their goals
  4. Work WITH them to make realistic, measurable steps that are required to obtain their goals.


Training Benefits..

You'll learn Dr. Claiborne's highly effective 7 SECRETS Model, that will make you the expert and bring your clients great success.  We help you to identify your message, your method and your market.  Learn the "inside scoop" on why corporations pay for their employees to have Life Coaching, and how you can access this market.  We'll also have information on financial resources for your business.

Therapists, Counselors, Coaches
Practicing professionals learn to effectively incorporate  the 7 SECRETS MODEL and 'therapeutic prayer" and spirituality into their practice for enhanced results.

Lay Counselors & Ministers
Gain the professional training needed to provide excellent results in your own counseling practice.

              Who We Are..

P.T.T.I. is One School with Two Branches.  Prayer Therapy Training Institute and Precision Therapy Training Institute.

P.T.T.I. is a Private, Post-secondary Educational Institution.
P.T.T.I. is registered with the state of California, Bureau of Private, Post-Secondary Education and California Education code 94874, title 5, California code of regulation 71395. 
P.T.T.I. offers CERTIFICATES in various programs of study.  
P.T.T.I. is incorporated in the state of California.
The President and Founder is Minnie Claiborne, Ph.D. LHD 
 If you have additional questions,
Please email Dr. Claiborne at: 
[email protected]

 by ordering thru PAYPAL

"We Empower YOU to Pursue Your Passion!"

Dr. Minnie Claiborne is a Counselor/Therapist, Life Coach, Speaker, Author and Trainer. She maintains practices in Van Nuys and Frazier Park, California and Mobile, Alabama; but has clients throughout the U.S.  She does Life Coach training at various locations.  She also provides Telephone Counseling and Coaching. 

Dr. Claiborne's 7 SECRETS APPROACH to LIFE COACHING is unsurpassed in its effectiveness to help her clients achieve a HAPPY, FULFILLED and WELL-BALANCED LIFE. Professionals, Entertainers and just 'regular folks' are finding help, healing and purpose through her services.

With 5 earned degrees and over twenty-five years of experience, she is currently serving as a private practitioner working with a broad spectrum of clients.  Dr. Claiborne’s book PRAYER THERAPY- STOP HURTING (foreword by Natalie Cole) and her follow-up program, MAINTAIN, are excellent resources for individuals and groups.   Her latest book, PROFILES of DISASTER-Prone RELATIONSHIPS- How to Detect, Avoid, Survive or Escape Them is in great demand. She also conducts Relationship-fitness events around the country. 

In addition to being a prominent Counselor/ Therapist, Dr. Claiborne has presented on International Television and Radio (TBN, KKLA and others), at National conferences and to general audiences. Popular topics include: ‘Prayer Therapy’, ‘Forgiveness and Healing’, ‘Go Back So That You Can Move Forward’ and ‘The 7 Secrets to Maintaining Emotional Healing’.  Due to her 20 plus years of working with clients in the entertainment industry, she is known as "The Celebrity Counselor".

Dr. Claiborne is an interactive, eclectic therapist. Her therapeutic approach is eclectic, with a CBT foundation and faith-based (inter-denominational) treatments. She integrates complementary methodologies and techniques to offer a highly personalized approach tailored to each client. With compassion and understanding, she works with individuals and couples to help them build on their strengths and attain the personal growth they are committed to accomplishing. One of her specialties is helping individuals of all genders and ethnicities to overcome hurts and pains from the past (past and current traumas).


Solano College, Fairfield, CA: A.A. Degree in Journalism 
CSU Sacramento, Sacramento, CA: B.A. Degree in English; B.A. Degree in Communications; M.A. Degree in Communications/Counseling    
Golden State Univ. Los Angeles, CA: Ph.D.  in Psychology and Human Relations 
N.W. London Univ., United Kingdom: L.H.D. in Humanities     
Epic Bible College (Trinity School of The Bible), Sacramento, CA: Assembly of God Affiliated; Two-year Study leading to Licensing and ordination 
License, Certifications & Awards 

Int'l Assoc. of Christian Clinical Counselors, Merced, CA: Licensed, Ordained Christian Counselor 
State of California: Master's Degree Teaching Credential (active)

LPC (Pre-Licensed LPC) Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Additional Training 
Loyola University, Chicago, IL: Certification in Sexual Dysfunction

PAIRS Training in Post Abortion and Domestic Violence  Therapy

Professional Affiliations and Memberships 
Member of the American Assoc. of Christian Counselors (AACC)
Member and West Regional Representative of the Black American  Assoc. of Christian Counselors (BAACC)
25 year member of The Church on the Way in Van Nuys, CA

4 year member of Mt. Hebron Church Ministries, Mobile, Al
Psychology Today Directory


                  Dr. Minnie’s passion is to help people who are hurting to find healing and move forward with their God-given passion and purpose.  She brings over 50 years of experience and 15 years of education and training to her life coaching classes. She simplifies the material and matches it with each student’s own areas of expertise, to produce SHINING STAR LIFE COACHES and LAY COUNSELORS.


A Final Paper from P.T.T.I. student, Anastasio Timbinaris, who was in the

Life Coach Training Class:

The emotional traumas and hurts that people sometimes are subjected to in their lives can follow them throughout the rest of their lives affecting everyone and everything that they come in contact with. Without properly diagnosing the root problem or occurrence may lead to false solutions that would not help the situation and in most cases cause deeper traumas and even involve psychotropic drugs. Masking the symptoms will not fix the underlying problems.


The process of the C.A.R.R.Y technique is very effective in finding closure and healing from things of the past. Once the problem or problems are isolated they can then be released . At that point the process of forgiveness, anger release, and overcoming fear can take place. Lifting and releasing these heavy burdens will bring new life  without being plagued by the things of the past.


Raising-up and training Counselors and Life Coaches is essential to effectively release many people from the bondages in their lives. Even after the breakthroughs and healings have occurred, strong Christian Life Coaches are important in helping structure life’s decisions in keeping in balance for completing our life’s purpose.


Learning the Seven Basic Categories, I have found how important of a tool it is in helping others no matter what walk of life they come from or what occupation they have in this world. Addressing and maintaining each of the Seven Categories helps both the Coach and the client to recognize any immediate problems or any materializing problems for the near future. Acting on the situation before it happens or early on, can give us enough time to change the decision making process of the client. I think that it would be important for everyone, especially those who are in charge of making major decisions that would influence others, to have someone to bounce ideas off of and discuss important issues with. Accountability is important and has been utilized as the main premise to many organizations such as Alcoholics Anonymous.


It is very hard to find people who operate in sound judgments and actions. A certified Life Coach is a valuable tool for everyone, especially those who are put in high places of authority. The decisions of a key person can influence not only those in his immediate office, but countless others who rely on sound judgment for their own well being.

I can see that it is highly probable that every person will have at least one area of the Seven Categories in a state of lack or even total neglect. The more people that we can take through the process, the more healing will take place to the Glory of God! In most cases it is hard for us to see or recognize in which area we are lacking, because we are overly consumed in another. Just as God sees things in a broader view than we do, applying the Seven Categories allows the client to systematically see and make changes or decisions in his/her life where needed. A balance and constant maintenance in each of the Seven Categories creates the optimal framework for balanced life.


I am looking forward to helping people find order and victory in their lives. Many people know the Word of God and still live in defeat. It is the defeat that comes from neglecting a part of their life that is a crucial part of their purpose and destiny. As you already know, the Lord has really given me a heart for such people. God has given us the framework to complete life in Him through His Son, Jesus (Gods Word).


The outlined Seven Categories puts all of the crucial areas of life in a snap-shot. Looking back, many of the people who have confided in me for counsel in the past have had at least one or more of these categories out of balance. I am looking forward to applying all that I have learned through your class to make it easier to show people the importance of Gods Laws for life in an easy to understand format. I like that it looks like a menu, which I mentioned to you. When it comes to people ordering off a menu, they want everything!! “I don’t know which to choose.” I’ll say, “Why not all 7 this time?” Amen!

  I see that there is a big void when it comes to men finding someone who understands to confide in and to talk to. I believe that I will be instrumental in helping men to find healing and victory in their lives and in their families. The majority of marriages that are failing have similar problems; Husbands not being husbands and wives not being wives. God gave us order to maintain our relationships, and with the help of this new training, I will be able to enable men to work out their lives according to Gods perfect order in victory!! 



The CARRY Technique will be put into effect and men and women will be able to cry out to God and release their burdens that are keeping them from fulfilling their lives to the fullest. I have been sharing with people I know in church as well as those I meet on sets. Many believers who I meet on sets have my card and I know that they or someone they know will call in need!


  I keep hearing them saying, “Yes, we need what you do in our Christian communities.” I even spoke to a new friend that I made on set who is a youth Pastor and he told me that when he starts his church, he will definitely make room for a healing ministry like this. The Body of Christ is in need of healing, but because of misplaced shame they will not look for help, but would rather live in pain and ineffectiveness. So sad, I don’t get it..




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